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For our customers we have prepared the Varistar portal, where all the data concerning the farm are stored. Users thus have constant access to mapping of variable applications made, including detailed information, application maps, relative yield potential maps, soil analysis and soil conductivity maps *, maps based on data from threshing machine rates * or regular Smart Scouting analysis, which in a few moments simply provides important information about crop development in individual production zones.


The user interface of the portal is very intuitive. The portal serves as an excellent source of information and feedback for agronomists. Based on the development of the measured state of the stand, it can choose the strategy of the application or possibly select problem zones for local field research. Based on the applications and their results, it is easy to evaluate the benefits of individual growing interventions and adjust their character for future applications. All data is permanently stored in the portal and it is easy to return to history for any information.

Data in agriculture are burdened with a high error rate. All information needs to be cleared of such errors. It is not possible to use one algorithm that always works the same way. An additional assessment of the outputs with an expert is required for correct evaluation. There are a number of portals and automated systems on the market that use automated processing, but the validity and benefits of this data are very low. Our approach is that the partner for you is not a computer, but a person who takes care of your data and consults with you on the entire issue of variable applications.

*if available


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