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SmartScouting is used to verify the correctness of the application and to identify potentially hazardous places. This is the use of current satellite images.

Smart Scouting

The agronomist receives an interactive analysis twice a month with identified risk production zones - these are areas where the crop is not successful or, on the contrary, the areas where the crop is very beneficial. SmartScouting seeks to help an agronomist find places that are worth his attention and which he should visit. SmartScouting does not say exactly what is happening in the given place, it is not possible to find out remotely. Zones where the flourishes may be attacked by some disease or pest, may have caused greater damage to game growth, etc. Zones where above-average flourishes may be excellent but may, for example, show increased weed infestation. Therefore, the role of the agronomist in the evaluation of Smart Scouting is irreplaceable.

However, Smart Scouting is the most important tool for optimizing variable applications. Thanks to the 14-day time series it is possible to monitor the dynamics of stand development in individual production zones, especially with regard to the performed variable applications and their growing response in each zone. It is the only tool on the market that enables this and thus provides feedback on the deployment and subsequent optimization of variable applications in the future.  

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